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Our solution to FASB ASC Topic 718 and on-going stock-based compensation issues is to offer a package of comprehensive services that can provide a valuation that will result in an appropriate option expense and, if desired, a complete solution to the issues created by stock-based compensation. Each area listed below is a step on the pathway through these complex issues. Services provided to our clients may include any and all of the following:

  • Education on compliance implications including modeling alternatives: lattice-based model vs. Black Scholes vs. other standard option pricing models

  • Collection and analysis of data to determine both share behavior and employee decision making behavior

  • Selection of model and assumptions to be used resulting from testing and analysis of assumption sensitivity

  • Development of a customized model to conform to plan features and to optimize outcome within fair, reasonable and defensible guidelines

  • Accounting and tax treatments and related disclosures

  • Analysis of future economic outcomes such as evaluation of future option grants, sensitivity to plan design changes, expense and tax impact, EPS and cash flow effect

  • Review and redesign (or original design for emerging companies) of equity compensation plans to provide employees with relevant incentives, while remaining consistent with corporate goals and reducing stock option expense

  • Forecast and analysis of stock-based plan design and plan design changes

  • Valuation of complicated market-based options and warrants

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