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How can you avoid being surprised by the impact of FAS 123(R)? The following six questions will guide the discussion of implementing FAS 123(R).

  • Compliance is required by Q3 2005 for public companies and Q1 2006 for non-public companies. (But see Recent Developments for SEC extensions.) How is your data organized and is it reconciled?

  • How many grants do you have and have any of the grants been fully vested?

  • What information is available on employee exercise behavior?

  • Who will prepare your option valuation?

  • How can you produce the lowest expense in your P&L that is fair, reasonable and defensible?

  • Are you contemplating making any changes to your stock programs as a result of FAS 123(R)?

Venuti & Associates is ready to provide stock option services with an outstanding team of professionals consisting of actuaries, financial risk analysis experts, compensation consultants, and tax and accounting specialists. We will assist clients through the complex transition required by the statement, and with ongoing financial and economic analysis of the impact of stock-based payments, as well as future forecasting and planning for equity compensation program design.

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